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Strength, but above all patience

Kino MacGregor about tripod Headstand: ‘With strength it’s a slow steady process, it’s not like you instant obtain these things. So be patient. Let yourself evolve into the strength that’s available on the inner body and on the outer body as well, don’t rush the process. If you rush strength, you’re gonne push yourself way pass the limit and get an unnecessary injury. If you’re naturally strong this will be relatively easy for you, but if you’re building strength remember again practice patience and have faith in the journey. If you’re already strong then strength can also teach you humility and help you tune into a softer type of strength rather then just external strength. Find that balance between the strength and the posture and the flexibility that’s available on the inner body and then the yoga practice will really be sure teacher of the spiritual journey.’

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Ahimsa (non-violence)

According to Marshall Roosenberg, author of the book ‘ nonviolent communication ‘ you can use anger to identify unmet needs.
To find out what those needs are, it is necessary to learn to observe without judgment.
Try this week to approach your own yoga practice in this way: if you feel knees or wrists are hurting, think about what would help, a block, a strap or a blanket or maybe another option? Most people tend to go beyond their limits and use props as little as possible, because we add value to it how good or bad we are. While observing, establishing, accepting and responding without judgment is actually more yoga.

“In oneself lies the whole world and if you know how to look and learn, the door is there and the key is in your hand. Nobody on earth can give you either the key or the door to open, except yourself.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti


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New! On Friday morning a vinyasa yoga class is added to the schedule 9:30 am. – 10:45 am. Classes on Tuesday are merged into one vinyasa yoga class 8:00 pm. – 9:15 pm.

Trial class is free. Please register in advance.

Schedule location Kraneweg 32 (Studio Souljoy)

Day Time Class Level Room
Sunday 10:00AM-11:15AM Easy Flow Yoga all front
Sunday 11:30AM-12:45PM Vinyasa yoga 3 front
Tuesday 8:00PM-9:15PM Vinyasa yoga 3 back
Wednesday 6:30PM-7:45PM Easy Flow yoga all back
Wednesday 8:00PM-9:15PM Vinyasa yoga 3 back
Friday 9:30AM-10:45AM Vinyasa yoga 2 front

Schedule location Slenk 2 (Rietwierde)

Day Time Class Level Room
Monday 8:00PM-9:15PM Easy Flow yoga all play room
Friday 7:45PM-9:00PM Vinyasa yoga 3 play room